CS- Building Safety

Building Permits & Inspections

Oil-fired Appliances

Under the Building Standards Act, Electrical Protection Act and Fire Prevention Act, the law requires:

  • smoke alarms in all Yukon residences;
  • carbon monoxide alarms in all residences with any fuel-burning device (e.g., wood, propane, oil) or an attached garage; and
  • installation of, or modification to, oil-fired appliances and fuel oil storage tanks be done only by qualified oil-burner mechanics (or apprentices supervised by qualified oil-burner mechanics - see list below).

Registry of licensed oil-burner mechanics

Permits for the installation or modification of oil-fired appliances will only be issued to certified oil-burner mechanics. Building Safety maintains a public registry of qualified oil-burner mechanics in Yukon.

View the registry >>  (117 KB)

Home safety is a shared responsibility

Property owners must ensure that life safety devices are installed and working, that equipment is maintained and serviced, and that permits are in place for the installation or modification of home heating systems.

Visit Seriously Simple for more information on fuel-burning appliance safety.