CS- Building Safety

Building Permits & Inspections

Apply for a permit

Who issues building permits?

Within Whitehorse city limits: City of Whitehorse Building Inspection Department
Outside Whitehorse city limits: Building Safety and Standards, Government of Yukon.

What is the fee?

Plumbing Permit Fee: $25 for up to 4 traps, with additional traps at $6 each.
Temporary Mobile Re-locatable Industrial Camps & Mobile Homes:
For five years or less: $25 for each unit/trailer, plus $25 for each secondary heat source. 
For more than five years: the fee is based on the value of the cost of constructing the units plus the cost of setting the units up on site.
Commercial: Estimated construction value shall be equal to the current normal level of the cost of construction as if placed for open contract bid.
Residential: Building permit fee is the construction value multiplied by .005 (0.5%), with a minimum fee of $25.
Current construction values per floor, per square foot are:
  • main/floor/crawlspace or slab on grade  $80
  • main floor/basement  $100
  • each additional finished floor  $50
  • garage/shop/accessory building  $30
  • cold storage shed/deck/carport  $15

Applying for a building permit

Complete the: 

Submit both forms and supporting documents to Building Safety and Standards. Some items on the checklist might not apply to your project–if you need assistance, ask us.

With a complete application, permits are usually issued within five business days.

Example plans:

Remember, the work must be started and inspected within six months of the permit being issued.