CS- Building Safety

Mechanical Permits & Inspections

Boiler & Pressure Vessels

Operation and Supervision of Plants

Operating engineers must have the proper qualifying time and pass an examination to operate heating and power plants in the Yukon. Please contact Building Safety for more information on qualifying time and examinations for various certificates.

Design Registration

In order to be approved for use in the Yukon, a boiler or pressure vessel must have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). To obtain a CRN, the boiler or pressure vessel design must be submitted for approval to the Chief Mechanical Inspector. The Manufacturer is required to fill out a data report and provide it to Building Safety indicating the owner’s name and location of the installed pressure vessel.  Manufacturers will be invoiced for the fee to register their design.

Registration and Inspection

Once the boiler or pressure vessel is installed, it is the responsibility of the owner or mechanical contractor to inform Building Safety of the new installation. A registration certificate will be issued once the boiler or pressure vessel passes inspection; please phone Building Safety to arrange for an inspection.

Performance Qualification Tests for Welders

The Mechanical Inspections Unit conducts Performance Qualification tests for pressure welders. The pressure welder must hold a valid journeyman welder certificate to qualify for the test and complete an application form before being tested.

Reporting Accidents

In the event of any accident concerning a boiler, pressure vessel, power plant, or heating plant, the owner or person in charge must notify the Chief Mechanical Inspector and submit a report as soon as possible after the accident.

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