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Building Safety

Development Permits

A development permit, based on the area development regulations or on the Municipal Zoning Bylaws for a property, is required to:

  • add a building to your property, such a home, outbuilding or accessory dwelling unit;
  • change the use of a building, such as from residential to commercial or from non-dwelling to dwelling; or
  • change the exterior size or height of existing buildings or structures attached to them, like decks.

A development permit is authorization from the Government of Yukon or a municipality to develop property according to standards, regulations and land-use goals, such as residential and commercial use, building setbacks, maximum height, number and minimum or maximum sizes of buildings, and parking requirements.

Who issues development permits?

Municipalities issue development permits and have their own application process and forms. Contact your municipal office for information.

In unincorporated Yukon, development permits are issued by the Government of Yukon.

The non-refundable fee for development permits is $25.

Speak to a development officer in the Land Planning Branch of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, or with Building Safety and Standards for advice.

Applying for a development permit

Complete the: 

Submit both forms and supporting documents to Building Safety and Standards.