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Electrical Permits & Inspections

Electrical Permits & Inspections

How to Obtain an Electrical Permit

There are two ways a homeowner may obtain an electrical permit to do work on their homes:

  1. They may hire an electrical contractor who will obtain the permit for them
  2. Do their own wiring (but must first write and pass the electrical test). Once they have passed the test, they may complete the application for an electrical permit.

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Please note: A homeowner may only wire their own principal residence. If the home or any portion of the residence is being used as a rental unit, only a qualified electrical contractor can do the electrical work.

Requesting Inspections

After receiving their permit to carry out electrical wiring, Homeowners can call for an inspection once they have completed the rough in wiring, the service wiring and the final finish wiring.  Please be advised that we require 72 business hours notice prior to the date the inspection is being requested.