CS- Building Safety

Mechanical Permits & Inspections

Elevator & Fixed Conveyances

New Installations

Contractors are required to submit design drawings of new installations to Building Safety for review in accordance with the applicable Codes. The prints are then registered and subject to applicable fees.


All Elevating Devices are inspected on a regular basis or following a major repair or alteration. Ski ropes and tows are inspected annually.

Licensing for Installation and Maintenance

Elevating devices may be installed or maintained only by registered holders of Yukon Elevating Devices Contractor licenses. 

To register, contact Building Safety with proof of certification or years of experience assisting with installations and maintenance of the device for which registration is requested. Licences are granted on a case by case basis, and may be limited or extended, depending on the type(s) of lifts and the applicants knowledge and experience.

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