CS- Building Safety

Building Safety

Building Safety and Standards

Your home, tiny or large, must meet building standards designed for your safety and comfort. The experts at Building Safety and Standards can help guide you through the process of permits and inspections for new builds and renovations to ensure your home meets local and national codes and standards for public health, fire and structural safety, environmental and property protection standards.

Be sure to involve us in the planning phase of your project.

What we do

  • Inspect Yukon construction and trades-related activities
  • Review plans and issue permits
  • Inspect work done under permit
  • Ensure safety codes are applied and that your project meets national standards

What you need

Development permits

Adding a building to your property, changing the use of building, or changing the exterior size or height of any existing buildings requires a development permit, based on the zoning regulations for that property.

Building permits and inspections

Building or demolishing a house or outbuilding; moving plumbing; installing a chimney or wood stove; installing or replacing an oil tank or an oil-fired furnace; or replacing a deck require permits and inspections. Learn about building and plumbing permits, inspections and timing, and more

Occupancy permits

Occupancy permits verify that building codes have been followed and that permits and inspections were complete for construction, electrical, gas and other mechanical work. Ask for the occupancy permit before buying or renting a home.

Electrical permits and inspections

From wiring a new home to adding outlets to an existing apartment, learn about electrical permits and inspections, registered electrical contractors, and temporary electrical service permits.

Mechanical permits and inspections

Heating systems, new furnaces and ductwork require mechanical permits. Learn about the installation, inspection and repair of boiler and pressure vessels, gas burning devices, and elevators and fixed conveyances.

Demolition permits for residential underground fuel tanks

Homeowners with underground fuel tanks that they want to decommission (abandon in place) or remove need a permit.