CS- Building Safety

Electrical Permits & Inspections

Temporary Electrical Service Permits

Homeowners may apply for a temporary electrical construction service permit to build their dwelling. If the homeowner is hiring an electrical contractor to do the work, the contractor will apply for the permit for the entire job (ie: installing temporary service and wiring residence).

How to apply for a temporary electrical service permit

  1. Apply for temporary electrical permit and pay fee of $25.00.

  2. Install the temporary service.

  3. Call the electrical inspector to inspect installation of temporary service.

  4. When inspected, a connect permit will be sent to the utility company by the electrical inspector informing them the service is ready for connection.

  5. If after the initial three month period, construction has not reached the stage where the service can be mounted to the dwelling, the applicant must renew the permit for a further three month period for an additional cost of $25.00 (applicants may renew temporary permits for up to one year in three month increments).