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Oil Fired Heating System Regulation

July 1, 2010:  Permits and inspections are now required for major work on all heating systems in Yukon homes and businesses

Yukon Government is concerned with the safety of Yukoners.  A properly installed and maintained heating system is safer and more energy efficient.  This is why Building Safety has a new Regulation governing oil fired heating systems:

After July 1, a permit and an inspection will be required whenever a home or business heating system is installed, modified or replaced.  The new regulation is designed to help ensure that work on heating systems is done by qualified technicians and complies with Code standards for safety.  While no permit is required for routine maintenance, having the work done by a qualified technician will help ensure the job’s done right.

When applying for a permit to install, modify or replace an oil-fired furnace or a fuel oil tank, you’ll receive a detailed checklist that needs to be completed by your heating system technician before booking an appointment for an inspection. 

 Tank and Supply System Installation Checklist

 Appliance and Vent System Installation Checklist

Yukoners with questions about the new permitting requirements and process are invited to call City of Whitehorse Building Inspection at 668-8340 or Government of Yukon Building Safety Branch at 667-5741, or 1-800-661-0408 extension 5741 outside of Whitehorse.

 Building Standards Regulation Amendment