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Mosquito Control Program

It's that time of year again!

The Government of Yukon’s 2017 Mosquito Control Program will get started as early as April 15, 2017.

The annual program aims to reduce mosquito annoyance for residents and visitors of participating communities through larval surveying, monitoring and larvicide applications – as needed throughout the summer season until August.

The larvicide is applied in a granular form to standing water like ponds and marshes using aerial (helicopter) and ground-based (by hand) methods.

The communities participating in the 2017 Mosquito Control Program may include:

  • Army Beach Subdivision/Marsh Lake
  • Bear Creek/Grizzly Subdivision   mosquito program
  • Beaver Creek 
  • Burwash Landing
  • Carmacks 
  • Dawson City 
  • Destruction Bay
  • Faro 
  • Haines Junction 
  • Ibex Valley
  • Ross River 
  • Tagish 
  • Teslin

Ground-based (hand applied) VectoBac applications will be carried out as required from late April through August to accessible, mosquito infested ponds, ditches and puddles. Aerial applications by helicopter are tentatively scheduled for the period of April 15 to June 15, 2017.  In order to complete these applications, helicopters will be working at low levels over swamp and marsh areas adjacent to participating communities.   

Local community offices will be notified of the confirmed aerial application dates.

VectoBac GOnly harmful for mosquitos
This program focuses on identifying and treating mosquito larvae with the biological larvicide VectoBac 200G which contains the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti). This bacterium is heat-killed, meaning it is dead and will not reproduce or compete with other bacteria in the environment. It only becomes active when mixed with the very unique PH levels inside the mosquito’s stomach. 

It is specifically for mosquitos and biting flies and has no effect on non-target insects, fish, birds or mammals including humans, livestock or pets.

Do your part
Mosquito larvae only grows in water and it just takes a few weeks for a whole new batch of larvae to develop and grow into adult mosquitos. Make sure you drain pools, empty troughs, bird baths and tarped boats, and fill in any pits or tire ruts. You can also contact Duka Environmental Services Ltd. to report any ponds or other still water near you.

Protect yourselfmosquito larvae
While the program will reduce overall mosquito populations, residents and visitors should still be prepared. Ensure window screens are in good condition, wear loose, light-coloured clothing and limit outdoor activity near marshes, ponds and forested areas. Avoiding perfumed skin care products and shampoos and consider using repellants.

Duka Environmental Services Ltd.
The contractor responsible for managing the annual control program is an environmental services firm with 20+ years experience providing these specialized services to the Yukon. All mosquito larvicide applications will be completed under the approved conditions of Pesticide Use/Service Permit #4201-21-004.

For more information on mosquitos, the control program or VectoBac 200G please visit or

You can leave a message at Government of Yukon Community Services at 867-333-9341 or call Duka Environmental Services Ltd. directly at 1-604-881-4565 or toll-free at 1-800-681-3472. Biologists will follow-up with a telephone call and on-site inspection where required.