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We updated the Beverage Container Regulation and Designated Materials Regulation to support recycling in Yukon. 

Amendments to the Beverage Container Regulation will be implemented on August 1, 2017.

Amendments to the Designated Materials Regulation will be implemented on February 1, 2018.

If you have any questions, contact

If you are a producer and have questions on these regulations or how to register, visit Environment Yukon.


What's new?

The Beverage Container Regulation applies surcharges and refunds on beverage containers. It now includes milk products and milk substitutes.

The Designated Material Regulation now includes surcharges on electronic and electrical products. You will no longer have to pay tipping fees to discard these items. This reduces waste and helps protect our environment.


Where do I return these items?

Recycle all beverage containers at your local recycling depot.  

Take electronics and electrical products to your local collection depot. You will not have to pay a tipping fee for these items as of February 1, 2018. Drop off tires, without rims, at your local collection depot.

Collection depot details will be available in winter 2017.


How do these changes make recycling better?

Recycling is expensive. These changes increase funding for recycling, making it more affordable for us all. You will also no longer have to pay tipping fees to discard items like computers or refrigerators.


Is Yukon the only place in Canada that has surcharges on these items?

Every province and territory has similar surcharges. Yukon's surcharges are on par with those charged across Canada.


How do these changes affect me?

You will pay a surcharge when you buy items like computers, cell phones and appliances. You will not have to pay a tipping fee to discard these items. You will pay a surcharge and receive a refund when you return beverage containers, including milk and milk substitutes.


Beverage Container Regulation

Beverage containers will fall into three categories:


Designated Material Regulation

Surcharges will be applied to certain electronics and electrical products:



 Desktop computer


 Portable computer/tablet


 Computer accessories (keyboard, mouse, etc)


 Desktop printers, fax machines, copier equipment


 Display screen 29 inches and larger


 Display screen 29 inches and smaller


 Home audio/video (DVD player, stereo, etc)


 Personal audio/video (MP3 player, etc)




 Vehicle audio/video




 Electrical Products


 Kitchen countertop appliances (blender, toaster, etc)




 Time and weight measurement devices (clocks, scales, etc)


 Garment and personal care devices (iron, hair dryer, etc)


 Air purifier, fan


 Large floor vacuum


 Small handheld vacuum






 All sizes*


 *Further consultation will take place to determine an appropriate fee structure for tires



Will I pay a surcharge if I shop online or outside Yukon?


The Electronic Products Recycling Association will collect surcharges on items bought online. When you shop online, your Yukon shipping address will automatically add the surcharge.

All Canadian provinces and territories have similar surcharges in place. If you buy a phone in British Columbia, you will pay a surcharge to the provincial government. These changes make sure surcharges stay in the territory to fund recycling here.


How did the government decide on the surcharge/refund amounts and which products to include?

We based the amounts on current tipping fees and similar surcharges across Canada.

We chose to include these products because:

  • Beverage containers are recyclable and refunds help prevent littering; and
  • Electronic and electrical products are a big part of the waste stream. They can contain dangerous chemicals as well as valuable recyclable components



Where do these materials go?

These materials go to recycling facilities in western Canada or the United States.