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Providing access to safe, clean drinking water in unincorporated communities is a priority of the Yukon government. In partnership with Canada, First Nations and municipalities, we are making investments in drinking water infrastructure. The Yukon Water Board and Environmental Health Services are the regulators and we abide by territorial and federal drinking water standards.

Using Water Treatment PlantsMan uses water treatment plant

  • Follow the posted instructions 
  • Fill from the top of the tank, not the bottom
  • Only use hard, suction/discharge hoses that reach from the fill point to your tank without touching the ground 
  • Don't spill water (if water is spilled, you must sand the area with the sand/salt mixture provided - ice is a safety hazard)
  • Close doors on the control boxes and the door to the Blue Jug Fill when you are done, as they can freeze
  • Leave dogs in your vehicle 
  • Make sure your personal storage and hauling tanks are cleaned regularly

Shut Downs

  • If you've followed all instructions but no water is available, the system has temporarily shut down
  • The system automatically shuts down for a number of reasons, including power outages, low chlorine levels or equipment malfunctions. Water will not be available until an operator can address the issue.
  • Please be aware that our operators are only scheduled to work regular hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

 Water Treatment Plant


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Water Safety and Testing

Our facilities and water are monitored and tested constantly to ensure safe drinking water.

Samples of raw and treated water are regularly tested for bacteria by Environmental Health Services. A complete chemical and physical analysis are sent to a certified laboratory annually.

If you have any concerns, you can contact us at

All water treatment plants have surveillance cameras and alarms to ensure proper use, function and safety. These facilities are for drinking water access only, they should not be used to wash vehicles or animals.