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Community Affairs


Community Affairs works directly with municipalities to provide advice and assistance on a variety of matters. The branch maintains a close relationship with the Association of Yukon Communities and is responsible for the ongoing operation of the Yukon Municipal Board.

Director – Damien Burns Oversees the establishment of and support for local governance. Works at maintaining collaborative relationships with Yukon communities and the Association of Yukon Communities. Ensures the needs of local governments are effectively communicated and addressed in partnership with the Government of Yukon.

Community Advisors – Responsible for supporting responsible local government. Work directly with the administration and elected officials of local governments as a liaison with the Government of Yukon. Provide advice, support and facilitation on a wide range of community issues. Advisors work with municipalities, Local Advisory Areas and unicorporated communities.

Carolyn Moore 

Jordan Stackhouse 

Samantha Crosby

Sarah Russo

Zoe Morrison

Kirsti Muller

Gas Tax Fund ManagerPaula Nugent - Administers the implementation of the Canada-Yukon Gas Tax Administrative Agreement, and works closely with Yukon’s 22 recipients to provide guidance for project proposals and support, ensuring recipients understand the funding process and their obligations.

Administrative Assistant – Ryan Daub (867) 667-8334
Provides front line reception services to clients.


Contact Community Affairs

Administrative Assistant: (867) 667-8334
Box 2703,  C - 11
Whitehorse Yukon Y1A 2C6