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Our Towns, Our Future (OTOF)

Our Towns, Our Future (OTOF) is a partnership between municipalities and Government of Yukon (YG) to understand and address the challenges of municipal sustainability.

For Yukon to build and support a viable municipal sector - respectful, collaborative, cooperative and transparent working relationships must continue to be developed between the Government of Yukon (YG), the eight municipalities, and the Association of Yukon Communities (AYC).

Based on OTOF's 75 findings & 18 themes gathered from the 2010 Yukon-wide Consultation, the Implementation Committee guides the process to examine the best ways to support municipal sustainability.

Read the Findings & Themes, and witness the Implementation.

9 Guiding Principles of OTOF

The need to actively and productively engage in an open process led to the adoption of 9 guiding principles defining how the partners works together and make decisions throughout the process:

1. Inclusive: The review process will strive in its design and implementation to engage all governments, stakeholders and individuals who have interest in the review.

2. Engaging: The review will provide multiple, flexible and creative avenues for two-way communications and meaningful dialogue.

3. Practical: The review will strive to develop findings that can be realistically accomplished.

4. Accountable: The Municipal Fiscal Framework Review Committee (MFFRC) will regularly report on its activities to the partners, other interested stakeholders and individuals. It will also be fiscally accountable for its work.

5. Evidence-based: The review will draw from best available research and analyses and will involve subject-area experts to inform decision-making throughout the review.

6. Partnership-led: The Yukon government and AYC will work collaboratively towards a common purpose while respecting the autonomy and mandates of each party.

7. Innovative: Municipal Fiscal Framework Review Committee (MFFRC) will encourage and apply innovative thinking and actions in the review.

8. Inspirational: The review will strive to inspire people to think long-term about local governance.

9. Open communications: The review will ensure consistent communications to all stakeholders to facilitate engagement and help to generate shared understanding.