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Overview - Asset Management Implementation in Yukon

National Asset Management Strategy (NAMS) - Teslin Pilot Project 

Yukon Asset Management Transfer Payment Agreement

All Yukon First Nations and municipalities are invited to apply for up to $40,000 to fund an asset management-related project (or projects). This money has been made available through the Northern Strategy Trust.

Applications are still being accepted. Funds must be spent by December 31, 2016.  

Successful applicants will receive a $10,000 advance to develop a plan or initiate/continue a project that fits the eligible criteria listed in the application guide below.
Any funds not spent on eligible activities by December 31, 2016 must be returned to the Government of Yukon.

Up to an additional $30,000 is available as reimbursement for eligible expenses paid between April 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.

Funding Guide – Everything First Nations and municipalties need to know to apply for up to $40,000 in asset management funding.

Application Form – Due with all attachments.

AssetSMART Self-Assessment Tool – a tool for governments to assess their capacity as it pertains to managing assets (developed by Asset Management BC). A completed self-assessment is required with an application and final report for this funding.

Additional Resources

Asset Management BC - Asset Management BC has a wealth of asset management-related resources including a framework, policy, strategy, planning templates, and much more.

Expected Useful Life Guidelines - This chart will assist in determining the lifespan of various capital assets. Please remember to use this document as a guide only: if your experience contradicts anything in this document, use the best information available to you.

Developing a Yukon-wide asset management strategy is a result of the Our Towns, Our Future initiative.