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Community Affairs administers various grants to municipalities and local advisory areas to assist them with local governance initiatives and operations.

Comprehensive Municipal Grant
The Comprehensive Municipal Grant is the cornerstone of the Yukon government’s support for vibrant, healthy and sustainable Yukon municipalities. The grant uses a formula that takes into account population, properties, infrastructure and the tax base of each incorporated municipality. Growth is also tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Since 2007, the Government of Yukon has increased the Comprehensive Municipal Grant by almost 50 per cent. In 2014, the Comprehensive Municipal Grant fund totalled more than $18.1 million amongst Yukon’s eight incorporated municipalities.

Grants In Lieu of Property Taxes
Most levels of government are exempt from paying municipal property taxes, but in almost every province and territory, the government pays municipalities a grant in lieu of property taxes. In 2014, the Government of Yukon provided almost $6.4 million to municipalities under this program.

Both of these grants are regulated through the Municipal Finance and Community Grants Act and regulations.

Local Advisory Council Funding
The Government of Yukon provides annual funding to Local Advisory Councils to assist with operations including meeting expenses and secretarial services. For more information about this funding, please refer to our Resource Library page. In 2014, this funding amounted to $14,025 per council which is increased each year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Building Canada and Gas Tax funds
In 2014, the Government of Canada announced approximately $420 million in new infrastructure funding for Yukon over the next 10 years. Yukon municipalities each receive a dedicated share of the $163 million Gas Tax Fund and municipal projects are eligible for the $237 million Building Canada Fund.

Since 2007, Building Canada and Gas Tax funds have contributed more than $400 million to infrastructure in the Yukon. Many of these projects are located within municipalities and local advisory areas.

Additional sources of funding
Yukon municipalities are eligible for a number of other funding sources offered by the Government of Yukon. For more information, please visit the Funding and Grants page.

Local Advisory Areas are unincorporated and are unable to apply for grants and funding. Most communities have a community association or other body that is eligible for grants.