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Municipal Sustainability Indicator

Sustainability Indicators are designed to provide a snapshot for Yukon municipalities to help them better understand how they are operating as an organization. With the necessary information and tools, local officials are in the best position to assess their municipality’s sustainability.

Access the Municipal Sustainability Indicator Tool
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The Sustainability Indicator Tool helps focus municipal priorities and identify areas that require further attention. This tool is useful in planning and program development, and can help facilitate communication among a local government’s staff and elected officials.

While the tool was designed for use by municipal Chief Administrative Officers, other municipal employees and elected officials are encouraged to use it.

Self-assessment results do not need to be reported to the territory, or to other municipalities, unless so desired.

Using the Tool

  • Set aside at least 90 minutes to complete the assessment.
  • Navigate categories via tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  • Be honest with yourself and how you answer questions.
  • Users should complete assessments independently, then discuss results with their colleagues.
  • Your score is only applicable to your organization. No reporting is required or expected.
  • It is recommended you use the tool to complete a self-assessment at least once per year.
  • Save your scores and compare organizational results as time goes on.