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This is where you can find all the resources you may need to help you with planning, contracting, communications and more. Don't see what you need? Please let us know. You can contact your community advisor or call the office administrator at 667-8334.


Every municipality posts their budgets as part of their requirements under the Municipal Act.


Many Yukon municipal bylaws can be found by following the links below. Bylaws not found here can be made available on request from municipal offices.


Effectively communicating with residents and the broader public is very important for local governments. Below are a few integral templates. A message box helps define key points for spokespeople to communicate in response to media inquiries and issues. A thorough communications plan helps guide the objectives and goals for your organization's public engagement and perception for certain issues, projects or overall.

  • News Release - typically sent to local media to make an announcement.
  • Message Box - helps define key points for spokespeople to communicate in response to media inquiries and issues.
  • Communications Plan - defines and guides the objectives and goals for your organization's public engagement and perception for certain issues, projects or overall.

Gas Tax

All information regarding the Gas Tax Fund can be found on its website. This includes all forms and templates.

Guides for Municipal Councillors

Section 177 of the Municipal Act defines the role of a municipal council. Council is responsible for developing and evaluating the policies of municipal services and programs of the municipality. It must ensure that the powers, duties and functions of the municipality are appropriately carried out. The following guides and fact sheets provide more information to assist a municipal councillor in carrying out their duties on council.

Local Advisory Funding

Schedule A - Annual Budget and Projected Financial Position
This form shows the anticipated budget for the following year.  The amount of Yukon government annual funding will be provided by Community Affairs, less the amount of unexpended funds from the previous year.  The balance of the information on the form is provided by the Local Advisory Council.  The total amount budgeted for any year cannot exceed the sum of Yukon government annual funding plus any surplus funds held by the Local Advisory Council in their bank account.
The Local Advisory Council must adopt an annual budget and projected financial position, which conforms to Schedule A, at a public council meeting by December 31 of each year.

Schedule B - Annual Revenue and Expenditure Report
This form shows actual revenue and expenditures for the previous year.  Expenditures under the Yukon government annual funding cannot exceed the total amount of annual funding received, unless the Local Advisory Council has surplus funds in their bank account to cover the deficit.
The Local Advisory Council must complete and adopt an annual revenue and expenditure report using Schedule B at a public council meeting no later than February 28 of the following year and submit it to Community Affairs within 30 days of adoption.


Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSP)

Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSP) set out community values and define environmental, cultural, social and economic objectives.  All eight Yukon municipalities and 14 First Nations have ICSPs.

Strategic Plan

Official Community Plan

Official Community Plans (OCP) provide a longer-term vision for your community. It is a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management within the area covered by the plan, respecting the purposes of local government.

The Municipal Act lays out the process for establishing or amending your Official Community Plan. That process has been summarized for you here.

Capacity Assessment Tool

A made-in-Yukon Capacity Assessment Tool, created with local First Nation knowledge and existing capacity assessment tools in mind. Designed to be an informative and practical tool that can be used at the departmental level within a government.


Some municipalities post their policies online.

Service Agreements

A service agreement is like a contract. It outlined the roles, responsibilities and costs associated with providing a service for government. These partnerships can reduce costs, enhance social and economic development, and build capacity.

Yukon Service Agreement Primer

Written in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Association of Yukon Communities, the Council of Yukon First Nations and the Government of Yukon, this brief overview of First Nation-municipal collaboration on services outlines the governance structures of the municipalities and self-governing First Nations in Yukon.

Community Infrastructure Partnership Program

With its information, templates, and checklists, the CIPP Toolkit provides First Nations and municipalities with a valuable resource on service agreements, intergovernmental cooperation and the value of understanding neighbouring communities. Through continued efforts to work more effectively with other communities and governments, it will sustain the needed momentum to continue to improvement the health, quality of life, and sustainability in municipalities and First Nations across Canada.

    It may also be helpful to see this financial breakdown of service agreements in Teslin: