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Community Affairs and the Association of Yukon Communities work together with local partners to offer training to address challenges and needs within Yukon governments.

Revenue Generation
The Community Affairs branch ran a workshop on Municipal Revenue Generation for elected officials and staff of Yukon municipalities in June 2016.  This information sharing workshop was provided at the request of the municipalities, in consultation with the Association of Yukon Communities. Examples of municipal revenue generation practices (many of which came from this report) from across Canada were presented and their potential application in Yukon municipalities was discussed.

You can check out information on ideas for revenue generation, municipal fee comparisons, and the final report compiled during the training. If you would like to discuss revenue generation in your community, please contact your Community Advisor.       

PSAB 3260/3270
This training showed Yukon municipalities how to report under public sector standards PS3260 Liability for Contaminated Sites and PS3270 Solid Waste and Landfill Closure and Post-Closure Liability. This training provided a full understanding of the relevant obligations and impacts of these rules on municipal finances, reporting and operations of landfills and other contaminated sites into the future. You can check out the standards and guidance collection, or learn more about the regulatory perspective or the role of environmental professionals.

Placemaking Workshop
In April 2013, the departments of Community Services and Economic Development hosted a two-day workshop on “placemaking” for Yukon municipal officials, First Nation leaders and Government of Yukon staff.
To learn more, see Dr. Loflin's
presentation, the Yukon's summary and narrative, the community narratives participants developed and their discussions at the workshop, and tips for developing public messaging.

Records Management 101
This training covered: records management basics, records and their values, classification and the challenge of digital records. Participants also were treated to a tour of the Yukon Archives.

Land Use Planning 101
This workshop provided an
overview of planning in the Yukon, OCPs, zoning, subdivisions and appeal processes.

Financial PSAB Statements 101
presentation was an overview of financial statements - what they consist of, who uses them, how to read them, etc.