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Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP)

CAMVAP   is a program that can assist you to resolve disputes with  an automobile manufacturer when you encounter difficulty resolving alleged vehicle defects or warranty disputes.  The program gives you an opportunity to present your case before a neutral third party (arbitrator) for resolution.  CAMVAP was created in 1994, to help consumers resolve disputes with vehicle manufacturers or distributors, in a way that is fair, fast, free, friendly and final.

Most domestic and imported passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and multi-purpose passenger vehicles that are purchased or leased in Canada are covered by CAMVAP. The vehicle must be from the current or the previous four (4) model years.  CAMVAP conducts its business across Canada and no matter who you are, or where in Canada you live, all cases are handled the same way.

CAMVAP is the alternative to Lemon Laws in the United States.