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Consumer Protection

In Canada, there are both federal and provincial/territorial laws in place to protect consumers. You can better protect yourself by becoming familiar with these laws and by understanding your consumer rights.

Federal laws typically focus on making sure the marketplace is safe, fair and competitive.

The federal government’s Office of Consumer Affairs has extensive information.

Yukon’s Consumer Protection Act addresses such things as:

  • Collection agencies
  • Costs of borrowing
  • Chattel mortgages
  • Direct sales
  • Warranties on retail goods sales

Contact us
If you have questions on Yukon’s legislation or your rights and responsibilities as a consumer please contact us. Our staff can provide information and answers that will help you as an active consumer in the marketplace.

You can email Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at

You can also reach us by phone at 867-667-5111 or toll-free in Yukon at 1-800-661-0408.