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Professional Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

Legislation with the Professional Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

Professional Licensing & Regulatory Affairs administers a number of Acts that regulate professional licensing and/or ensure consumer protection. Below are the links to the relevant Acts & Regulations pages. Click on the link and locate the appropriate section on the Acts & Regulations page.

Acts and Regulations - C
Chartered Professional Accountants
Consumer Protection

Acts and Regulations - D
Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Therapists
Denture Technicians

Acts and Regulations - E
Emergency Medical Aid
Engineering Profession

Acts and Regulations - F
Funeral Directors

Acts and Regulations - H
Health Professions

Acts and Regulations - I

Acts and Regulations - L
Licensed Practical Nurses
Lottery Licensing

Acts and Regulations - M
Medical Profession

Acts and Regulations - O

Acts and Regulations - P
Pawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers
Private Investigators and Security Guards

Acts and Regulations - R
Real Estate Agents
Registered Nurses Profession
Registered Psychiatric Nurses