Department of Community Services

Corporate Affairs

Extra-Territorial Corporations

Visit for information on how to register an extra-territorial corporation.

Periodic Report

Annual Return of Extra-Territorial Corporation - $100

Notices of Change

Appointment of Attorney for Service and Alternative Attorney of Extra-Territorial Corporation – No Fee
Notice of Change of Directors and Directors’ Addresses – No Fee

Other Forms

Notice of Change of Statement for Registration as an Extra-Territorial Corporation - $100
This notice is used in conjunction with Statement for Registration as an Extra-Territorial Corporation. To be used when there is a changed in the extra-territorial corporation’s name, registered office address or home jurisdiction.

If the extra-territorial corporation changed its name in its home jurisdiction, prior to filing the Notice of Change the new name must be searched and approved by our office. Submit to our office the Application for Name Reservation and $40 fee.  After you’ve received the Certificate of Name Reservation, proceed with completing the Notice of Change and provide our office with a copy of the Certificate of Amendment from its home jurisdiction.

Legislation and Regulations

Naming Regulation
Business Corporations Act
Business Corporations Regulation