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Business Names

Visit for information on how to register a business name.

Renewal of business name

Renew in person

  • Print and fill out the Renewal of Declaration of Business Name form
  • You can submit the renewal form in person, by mail, email or fax.
  • Pay the $25 fee. If submitting by email, provide a phone number where we can contact you for payment. Credit card information should not be submitted via email.
  • The renewal will be filed within 5 business days.

Renew online

  • Go to the Yukon Corporate Online Registry after you receive your renewal notice
  • Search for your business name either by name or file number
  • Press "Search"
  • Enter your private filing key (on the renewal notice)
  • Pay the $25 fee (payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard and American Express)

The business name must be renewed within 3 months before the expiry date on the declaration registration. It may be renewed for a term of 3 years.

Changing information

Notice of Change of Information in Declaration of Business Name form - $25
If there is any change in the information on the declaration or renewal form, this form must be submitted within 30 days of the change. The person who filed the declaration or renewal should fill this out and identify the change and the date of the change.

Ceasing to use a business name

Declaration of Cessation of Use of Business Name form – no fee
If the business name is no longer in use, the person who filed the declaration will be required to complete and submit this form.

Legislation and Regulations

Naming Regulation

Partnership and Business Names Act

Partnership and Business Names Regulation