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81-104 Commodity Pools [MI]

National Instrument 81-104 Commodity Pools

History: Initially Effective March 17, 2008

Status: As Amended September 22, 2014

Description: Sets out the rules that govern the operation of commodity pools, allowing them to invest in commodities and use derivatives in ways not permitted for conventional mutual funds.

Consolidated Versions

NI 81-104 unofficial consolidation as of January 1, 2014

Documents related to NI 81-104

Amendment to NI 81-104 effective September 22, 2014

Amendment to 81-104 CP effective September 22, 2014

Amendment to NI 81-104, effective January 1, 2014

Amendment to NI 81-104, effective September 28, 2009

Companion Policy 81-104CP