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Consultation Materials

The consultation process is an important part of regulatory evolution. Both public and industry are encouraged to provide input into new or revised legislation. When the Office of the Yukon Superintendent of Securities or the CSA is of the opinion that new or revised regulation is required, the proposed new documents will typically be published for public comment.

Kindly be informed that the following new documents have been published in various Canadian jurisdictions for comment. Comments should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent of Securities by e-mailing

CSA Instrument & Description of Proposal
of Proposal


Comment Period

CSA Notice and Request for Comment on Proposed National Instrument 91-102 Prohibition of Binary Options and related CP April 26, 2017  July 28, 2017 
CSA Notice and Request for Comment Proposed National Insturment 93-101 Derivatives: Business Conduct and Related CP April 4, 2017  September 1, 2017