Department of Community Services

Office of the Superintendent of Securities

Fees and Filing Schedules

 Service - Disclosure Filings  Fee
For issuers other than a mutual fund issuer, filing a preliminary prospectus or pro forma prospectus (for each class of security)
In the case of a mutual fund issuer, filing a preliminary prospectus or pro forma (for each fund)  $350
Filing an amendment to a preliminary, pro forma, or other prospectus (for each class of security or fund affected by the amendment)
Filing a non-exempt take‑over bid or issuer bid circular
Filing a directors’, individual director’s or officers’ circular in respect of a take‑over bid or issuer bid, and any amendment to such a circular
Filing a rights offering circular  $100
Filing an offering memorandum
Filing a report of an exempt distribution in accordance with Form 45‑106F1 under National Instrument 45‑106 Prospectus and Registration Exemptions
Filing by an issuer of an annual information form under National Instrument 51‑102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations or under National Instrument 81‑106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Application for exemptive relief or application for designation or recognition under the Act (this includes an application to cease being a reporting issuer and any application for permission under section 147 of the Act)
Filings or approvals not otherwise provided for in this Schedule

 Searches, Certificates and Photocopies  Fee
Searches  NIL
A certified statement referred to in section 19 of the Act provided by the Superintendent on request  $25
Certificate of true copy of an original documentcertificate of true copy of an original document  $5
Photocopies (for each page)  $1
Fax transmissions (for each page)  $2