Department of Community Services

Corporate Affairs

Name Guidelines

The first and perhaps most important part of starting your organization is choosing your name. Your name should distinguish you from other businesses in the same field and geographical area, and should describe the basic type of business you are doing.

Before a name can be registered, either as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or Society it must be approved by Corporate Affairs' staff. Corporate Affairs applies name granting policies derived from the Naming Regulations. To increase the likelihood of your name being approved, keep the following basic principles in mind:

  • Your name must be distinctive. The more unique the name, the more likely it is to be approved.
  • Your name should describe the basic type of business you are in. Please remember that words like "Enterprises" and "Ventures" are not descriptive and are generally not allowed to stand on their own due to overuse.
  • Name Restrictions:

  • Names may not suggest a connection with the Government,
  • Names may not suggest a connection with the Crown,
  • Names may not suggest a connection with a First Nation, without the approval of the First Nation,
  • The following words or expressions shall not be used in a name:
  • "Amalgamated" unless a corporation is the result of the amalgamation of two or more corporations,
  • "College", "Institute" or "University" unless written consent is received from the Department of Education,
  • "Engineer" or "Engineering" or any variation thereof, except with the consent of the Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon.
  • "Royal" where used as a prefix except with the consent of the Crown through the Secretary of State,
  • Numerals indicating the year of incorporation unless the corporation is a successor to a corporation with a similar name,
  • Initials unless followed by a surname or other distinctive element.
  • BEFORE submitting documents for registering your Organization, a NUANS search is required. You must complete an Application for Name Reservation form and submit it to Corporate Affairs, along with the fee of $40.00.  When the Corporate Affairs Staff have searched the name (including a NUANS search) and if your name is approved, you will recieve a Certificate of Name Reservation from the Corporate Affairs Staff.

    Names of Corporations

    The basic principles used in approving corporate names are the same as those used in approving sole proprietor and partnership names, but a corporation must also have a legal element.

    The names of all Yukon corporations must end with one of the following legal elements:

  • Limited or Ltd.,
  • Incorporated or Inc.,
  • Corporation or Corp.
  • The French facsimiles may also be used.