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Reporting Issuer List

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The Office of the Yukon Superintendent of Securities maintains a list of reporting issuers in the Yukon, as defined by the Yukon Securities Act.  The Reporting Issuer List is updated weekly and will be posted to the new website above.

A reporting issuer in the Yukon can be taken as not being in default in Yukon if it: 

  • it is not in default in its principal jurisdiction: Securities Administrators
  • it does not appear on the Canadian Securities Administrator's list in respect of Cease Trade Orders; and
  • it does not appear on the list of reporting issuers defaulted by the Office of the Yukon Superintendent of Securities as posted on this website.

Further information regarding reporting issuers is also available by:

  • consulting the documents filed by the reporting issuer on SEDAR
  • contacting the issuer directly;

Considerable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information included in the reporting issuer list; however, the accuracy of the list cannot be guaranteed. Should a Reporting Issuer or Issuer be of the opinion that any information is not accurately reflected in the reporting issuer list or the defaulting issuers list, please contact the Office of the Yukon Superintendent of Securities by phoning (867) 667-5466 or toll free (in the Yukon) 1-800-661-0408 extension 5466 or by e-mailing