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A message from the president of the Yukon Amateur Radio Association...

Did you know you can talk from Teslin to Dawson City, from Carcross to Beaver Creek, to Haines Junction from Whitehorse and points in between - for free.

The Yukon Amateur Radio Association has a series of 14 repeaters located throughout the territory, that are all, except for Watson Lake, linked together. Several of our units are located above 7000 feet in mountain-top buildings. The system is completely independent of commercial power.

An example of how the system works:
One summer two "Hams" from Utah came through the Yukon with a caravan of about 40 motorhomes and campers. The lead vehicle was approaching Dawson City and the "tail end Charlie" was in Teslin. There was excellent communication between the two units, as a result of equipment set up by the Yukon Amateur Radio Association.

Another project of YARA is the Internet Repeater Linked project, where a VHF repeater in Whitehorse is in turn connected to 3,000 other sites throughout the world - all accessible with a hand-held radio.

Several Ham Ops have complete stations in their homes, as well an Internet Remote Control site is available to Members.

Amateur Radio today uses a lot of technology to have fun communicating from one person to another worldwide.

In many cases Amateur Radio is the only form of communication from areas where there are disasters.

In most cases cell phones and the landline phone service are of little use in the early stages of an emergency.

The Yukon Amateur Radio Association has just over 30 members and anyone may become a member.

Because we have a working relationship with the Government of Yukon, we offer surplus radios to members for a nominal fee so they can get started in the hobby with little cost.

The Government of Yukon also has supplied a complete Emergency "Ham Radio Station" for use by members for training and for use in a real emergency.

And last but not least the term "Amateur". We are Professional Radio operators, the term "Amateur" in its truest sense means "not for payment".

All services are donated. The YARA group meets the first Monday of each month at the EMO board room , 60 Norseman Road, at 19:00 Yukon Time.

Scott Williamson, VY1SW
Yukon Amateur Radio Association.

P.S. All those Yukon licence plates with VY1 on them - Yup those vehicles are driven by Ham Radio Operators.

See Yukon Amateur Radio Association's website for more info -