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Wildfire Bulletin #18

June 27, 2008 - 11:00 AM

Old Crow a Hot Spot with Continued Lightning Activity

Six new fires have been discovered in the territory in the past 24 hours, four of them located in the wilderness zone of the Old Crow district. Old Crow fire 3 located north of Brown Bear Creek was discovered on June 26 by a patrol aircraft from the North West Territories.
The three additional fires in this region, all in the wilderness zone near Peel River, were detected using the MODIS satellite mapping system and will be further assessed later today.
MODIS also located a fire last night in the Mayo district close to Snake River. This fire will be assessed later today as well.
Dawson received a call from the public reporting a fire near kilometer 254 on the Dempster highway. A birddog aircraft will be dispatched this morning to assess the fire.
All of these fires are believed to be lightning caused.

Meanwhile the Ogilvie River fire, another lightning caused fire, first discovered Monday evening in the Klondike Zone, has now grown to 600 hectares. The fire is located approximately 10 kilometers from the Dempster highway and 8 kilometers from the Ogilvie River highway maintenance camp. Currently it is burning away from the camp which has been set up with a structural protection plan. Wildland Fire Management is continuing to monitor this fire and a birddog will be in the area later today for further assessment.

“We are well into lightning season by now, as can be seen with the increase in activity in the northern area of the territory,” said Duty Officer Mike Sparks. “With many of our resources occupied it is even more important that Yukoners are doing their part in the prevention of any unnecessary fires.”

For the upcoming Canada day long weekend, Wildland Fire Management would like to remind the public to be extremely careful with campfires and any other burning they may be doing over the weekend. Please remember:

• When building a campfire use a designated fire pit or build a ring of rocks at least three meters from shrubs, structures or debris, and ensure that all leaves, twigs and other flammable materials have been removed from the area.
• Always keep the fire under control and prevent it from sparking into surrounding bushes and trees.
• Never burn in windy conditions or when conditions are hot and dry and always keep a supply of water and hand tools nearby.
• When extinguishing your campfire, pour water on the fire and douse the site thoroughly before finally stirring the fire until there are no embers and the ashes are cold to the touch.

The public is reminded that a burning permit is required to burn grass, brush or debris in the territory between April 1 and September 30. Permits will be suspended when the fire danger rating is moderate or higher. Wildland Fire Management would also like to thank the public for their continued cooperation in reporting wildfires. If you see a wildfire please call 1-888-798-FIRE (3473).


For Yukon Wildfire updates, call 1-800-826-4750
Report Wildfires - 1-888-798-FIRE (3473)

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