Department of Community Services

FireSmart Funding

The 2016 FireSmart funding has been allocated. 

FireSmart Projects 2016

Applications for 2017 can be submitted after January 1. 2017 and must be received by no later than April 15, 2017.

The FireSmart program supports community safety by reducing the threat of wild fires to the community. The program also supports job creation by utilizing and developing local resources and skills.


Who is eligible for FireSmart Funding?

  • Registered non-profit organizations in good standing with Corporate Affairs
  • Municipal governments
  • Community associations
  • First Nations
  • School councils

What land is eligible for FireSmart Funding?

  • Private property or lands associated with private use and enjoyment are not eligible for any funding under the FireSmart Program.
  • FireSmart Programs can take place on greenbelts and undeveloped natural growth areas such as undeveloped areas of Public Land and undeveloped areas of First Nations Settlement Land & Reserves.

 If your organization fulfills these qualifications and you have a project in mind, simply follow the steps in the Apply Now section.