Department of Community Services

Burning Permits

At the first sign of difficulty controlling your burn, call the Wildfire Report Line: 1-888-798-3473.

The following information refers to burning permits outside of Whitehorse city limits. If you plan to burn within the city limits, contact the City of Whitehorse.

When do I need a burning permit?

  • Between April 1 and September 30, you need a valid permit to light an open fire.
  • Burning permits are required for:
    • Burning grass, debris or brush
    • Lighting an open fire for any purpose other than a campfire (more info on campfire safety)
    • Burning on all public and private lands



Where can I get a burning permit?

Permits are available locally. Burning permits are free.


Cancellation of permit due to fire danger rating

Burning is dependent on the fire danger rating in your area. Fire danger ratings are available on our website.

Always check the rating before you burn and call the Issuing Office prior to burning.


You are responsible for a safe burn

Humans cause 40% of wildfires in Yukon. You must observe the conditions on your burning permit and conduct your burn safely— you may be liable for costs associated with damages.


Tips for a safe burn

  • Plan your burn for a safe time of the year, in the fall or just after green-up in the spring.
  • Ensure you clarify the extent of your burn project when obtaining the permit.
  • Make sure you keep your fire to a manageable size.
  • Avoid burning during high winds.
  • Attend to all fires until they are completely out. Make sure they are out by spreading the burned residue piles by machine or hand.