Protective Services

Protective Services

Protective Services

Emergency information and notices for Yukon

Emergency information and notices will be posted here and on social media as needed throughout the year.

Preparing for emergencies

For help in preparing for emergencies we may face in Yukon, visit

Holiday safety
December is joyous time for many, but it can be hazardous. Keep your family and friends safe this season. Be a hero in your home!
  • Check your light strings and power cords. Don’t use any that are frayed or have loose bulb connections. Don’t overload your power outlets.  
  • Christmas trees are a fire hazard—keep natural trees watered, never decorate it with candles, and keep it away from heat sources. Choose flame resistant decorations.
  • Keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow and ice. This prevents slips and falls, and makes it easier for emergency personnel if they need to get to your home.


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