Protective Services

Protective Services

Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award

This award recognizes the exceptional service and achievement of emergency management personnel across Canada, from community-based volunteers, First Nation and local governments, and emergency management organizations. The award is given through a partnership of federal, provincial and territorial governments.

The award and nomination criteria and selection process is described in full by Public Safety Canada. Once you are familiar with the award program, use the Yukon nomination forms and submit your nominations to Yukon Emergency Measures Organization.

Nomination package

Nomination packages must include:

  • Nominator form. Please use the federal form while Yukon’s in under development.
  • Nominee form. Please use the federal form while Yukon’s in under development. Note that for group nominations, a separate nominee form must be completed and signed by each group member.
  • Summary of significant achievements to advance emergency management in Canada and/or to respond in an exemplary manner to a major crisis or emergency situation affecting life, health and/or property (e.g. 500 words)
  • For individual nominations, a brief biography of nominee and his/her background/history and nomination criteria (e.g. 250 words)
  • For group nominations, a brief overview of the group/project team, their background/history and nomination criteria (e.g. 250 words)
  • Written testimonials from at least two additional people who can attest to the value and impact of the individual or group’s achievements (e.g. 250 words each). Each testimonial must be dated and signed.
  • Additional reference material to support the nomination, as required (such as media clippings)

When is the deadline?

Nominations are due by January 31 annually. Awards are announced by SOREM (Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management) each spring. 

Who is eligible?

Nominations are for initiatives and achievements undertaken in the past two calendar years or for an outstanding career. Yukon nominations can be submitted in three categories:

  • Resilient Communities
  • Youth
  • Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Management

Nominations for Search and Rescue Volunteers and Search and Rescue Employees are not submitted through the territory. These are managed through the National SAR Secretariat.
Nominations may be made by the organization to which the nominee belongs or another person or body. Self-nominations are not accepted.

How are winners selected?

Nominations received by the Government of Yukon are reviewed. Up to five qualifying Yukon nominations in each category will be submitted to the national review committee. See Public Safety Canada for details on the General Selection Committee.

Contact information

Emergency Measures Organization

PO Box 2703
Whitehorse YT  Y1A 6E6