Protective Services

Protective Services

CISM in the Workplace

 Yukon’s Protective Services employees and volunteers can access CISM 24-hour emergency counselling at 1-867-668-EFAP(3327)

Protective Services has a responsibly to employees and volunteers, just as everyone has a responsibility to themselves and their crews.

Yukon government has put a critical incident stress management plan in place to provide tools and techniques, including counselling, to help manage stress.

The senior officer on the call monitors the team for impacts; crews look out for the welfare of their colleagues; and individuals should monitor their responses and ask for help when needed.


In addition to your practical coping skills, critical incident stress management includes workplace tools.

Debriefing is done under the direction of the senior officer in a group, with members trained in critical incident debriefing or with trained counsellors who assist from a wellness perspective. Everyone involved with a critical incident processes the event and reflects on its impact. Debriefing is not a critique or the assignment of blame. It’s a review of the events leading to, during and after the incident. This should happen as soon as possible within 72 hours of the event.

Defusing is shorter and less formal than debriefing, happening within hours of a critical incident. Defusing allows you vent emotions and thoughts associated with the critical incident so you can return to your normal routine.

Health and safety
Yukon government takes the health of our first responders seriously. Just like physical injury, emotional injury is part of workplace health and safety. We have programs in place to prevent all types of injuries and support when there’s a need to recover.