Protective Services

Emergency Preparedness

Respond and recover

Immediately after a disaster

  • Protect your head, feet and hands from injury with a hard hat, sturdy shoes and gloves.
  • Check on your family members. Tend to injuries.
  • Check and shut off utilities if necessary.
  • Shut off water at the main valve. This will conserve the water already in your home.
  • Assess your home for serious damage: is it safe to stay?
  • Place an OK or HELP sign ( 298 KB) in a front window or door.
  • Communicate, if possible, with your emergency contacts. A text is easier on the telecommunication system than phone calls.
  • If safe to do so, help your neighbours.

See more after-emergency general instructions.

Territorial response

Emergency Measures Organization coordinates recovery efforts on behalf of the Yukon government. Emergency or disaster recovery includes actions taken to repair, build and recover from the effects of an emergency or disaster event so the community can return to normal functional capacity as quickly as possible.

Where the event has been severe, a disaster recovery program may be implemented, which can include the provision of federal disaster financial assistance