Protective Services

Protective Services

Volunteer with SOMET

The Special Operations Medical Extrication Team (SOMET) provides advanced medical care during emergency extrication of patients from difficult terrain.

Deployed from Whitehorse, SOMET members have a high level of fitness and specialized training that allows them to work safely in difficult locations to provide medically supported rescue. Core training consists of certified courses in low-angle rope rescue, Incident Command, International Trauma Life Support and safe helicopter operations. Collectively, the team is skilled in delivering advanced medical care, wilderness survival, water-based operations, and avalanche awareness.

Candidates must:

  • pass and maintain a 14:30 minute level of the WFX-FIT test
  • be comfortable in the back country, working in difficult conditions for extended periods of time
  • work well as team and follow a structured chain of command
  • be able to commit time to training and deployment

To apply, please contact