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Yukon Recycling Club

The 202015/16 catelogue image15 Recycling Club Program starts May 9!

When you join the Recycling Club you help your community recycling depot, you help keep your community litter-free, and you can earn some great prizes!

Becoming a Member

Are you a Yukon resident between the ages of 4 and 16?

To register, go to or call the Recycling Club office at (867) 633-5269.

You must have a membership number to collect points, and you need to apply each year to 2015/16 YRC girlobtain a new membership number.

Points and more

You earn points by returning refundable beverage containers to your local recycling depot, where you will receive your refund and 1 point for every penny's worth of the refund.

The Prize Catalogue helps you decide what prize to get with the points you've collected. There will also be a grand prize for the member with the most points. 2015-16 boy

To see the Prize Catalogue, the number of points you have, or to redeem points go to or call the Recycling Club office at (867) 633-5269.


The Recycling Club is sponsored by Yukon Community Services, the Recycling Fund and participating businesses.

Leaf Solutions is responsible for points and prizes on behalf of the club and other Yukon recycling depots.

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