Department of Community Services

Professional Licencing

Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)

Notice to Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)

Full and Interim Registration Licenses expire on January 31, 2017.

Please refer to Instructions for Licence Renewal for more information.

Registrants who submit their renewal application and all supporting documentation to our office by December 15, 2016 will ensure their application will be processed on or before January 31, 2017. Registrants who submit applications after December 15, 2016 may be subject to processing time.

Note: Submitting an application for renewal of licence does not mean that your licence is automatically renewed. Licenses are only renewed after applications are fully reviewed and it is determined that all legislative requirements have been met.  

Renewal form

There is one renewal form for Full and Interim registration category licence-holders.

If you have any questions, contact Professional Licensing & Regulatory Affairs at 867-667-5111.


Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)