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Societies Act public engagement

The Department of Community Services invited societies and general members of the public to provide their feedback on their experience with the Societies Act and Regulations from Oct. 14 to Dec. 14. 

Stakeholders identified where and how they had difficulty with the legislation and offered areas on where the legislation could be improved. The department is reviewing all of the feedback received and considering it as we begin drafting a new Societies Act and regulations. 

Summary of Feedback for legislation governing societies ( 337 KB)

Yukon Societies

A society is an incorporated group of five or more people who share a common recreational, cultural, scientific, community, social or charitable interest. A society is a legal entity that exists independently of its members.

A society is typically referred to as ‘non’ or ‘not-for-profit.’ This means it cannot exist for the purpose of carrying on trade or business. Sometimes a society might see a profit from its activities but those activities must be incidental to its purpose and objectives. Any money raised must be used for the benefit of the society, not for individual directors or members.


Extra-Territorial Society

An extra-territorial society is a corporation without share capital incorporated or continued under the laws of another jurisdiction for any lawful purpose other than carrying on a trade or business for profit.

Once you have had your name approved and been issued a Certificate of Name Reservation, an Extra-Territorial Society is registered by filing a Form 11: Statement for registration as an extra-territorial Society, and payment of the fee of $300.