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Yukon Statutory Holidays

Statutory Holidays for 2017

 Statutory Holiday  Date
 New Year's Day  Sunday January 1, 2017
 Good Friday  Friday April 14, 2017
 Victoria Day  Monday May 22, 2017
 National Aboriginal Day  Wednesday June 21, 2017
 Canada Day  Saturday July 1, 2017
 Discovery Day  Monday August 21, 2017
 Labour Day  Monday September 4, 2017
 Thanksgiving Day  Monday October 9, 2017
 Remembrance Day  Saturday November 11, 2017
 Christmas Day  Monday December 25, 2017

What are Statutory (general) holidays?

Statutory holidays (called general holidays in the Employment Standards Act) are days which qualified employees receive a day off with holiday pay.

When does an employee qualify for holiday pay on a day they do not work?

If the employee does not work the general holiday, they must meet the following three conditions to be paid for the holiday:

  • The employee must have been employed 30 calendar days before the holiday.
  • The employee must work their last scheduled shift before and their first scheduled shift after the holiday (unless the absence is permitted by the Act (ex. sick leave, requested and given day off))
  • The employee is required work on the holiday if called to work, but would be entitled to additional pay as discussed below.

What happens if the general holiday falls on an employee's day off?

The first working day immediately following the general holiday becomes the general holiday for that employee.

How much does the employee get paid for the holiday?

The amount an employee must be paid as general holiday pay depends on whether they work regular hours and how they are paid.

  • Regular hourly rate: An employee who works regular hours and is paid an hourly rate must be paid the equivalent of their regular rate of pay for their normal hours of work. For example, an employee who works 8 hours per day, which never varies, is entitled to 8 hours pay.
  • Regular monthly/weekly salary: An employee who works regular hours and is paid a salary must be given a day off without a reduction in their normal salary.
  • Commission/piece work: An employee who works regular hours and is paid a commission or on a piece work basis must be paid their average daily wage, exclusive of overtime or bonus, earned in the week of the holiday.
  • Irregular hours: An employee who works less than the standard hours or who works irregular hours must be paid general holiday pay of 10% of the wages (excluding vacation pay) earned for the hours worked in the 2 calendar weeks immediately prior to the week in which the holiday falls. This would include any overtime earned during that period.

What if an employee works on the holiday?

In addition to their general holiday pay described above, there are two payment options when an employee works on a general holiday: 

  1. Be paid at the applicable overtime rate for all hours worked on the general holiday; or

  2. Be paid at their regular rate for hours worked on the general holiday and be given a day off which may be added to the employee’s annual vacation or be granted a day off at a time convenient to the employer and the employee.

    Note: Even if an employee has worked for an employer for less than 30 days, they are entitled to both general holiday pay and the applicable overtime if they work on the holiday.

For more information, contact Employment Standards: Phone: (867) 667-5944
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