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Whistle Bend Subdivision

When complete, Whistle Bend is envisioned as a neighbourhood for 8,000 residents, complete with transit service, a town square featuring public parkland and retail shops, a school, plentiful green space and many kilometres of paved and unpaved trails. 

Whistle Bend Phase 3

Phase 3 detailed design is now complete and the timelines for construction of sub-phases are as follows:

  • Phase 3B landscaping of the sloped channel (bioswale), which is part of the neighbourhood storm water drainage system, will be completed this summer.
  • Phase 3C construction of 55 residential lots, 20 townhouse lots and four multi-family lots is near completion. Some finishing work will be completed in early summer 2018. The public lottery will be in spring 2018.
  • Construction of Phases 3D and 3E includes nine multi-family lots, 35 commercial lots and two parking lots and will begin in summer 2018. Lots are targeted fr release in spring 2019.

Whistle Bend Phase 4

Phase 4 construction is well underway. This will provide an additional 196 lots, which are expected to be released in early spring or summer 2019.

Whistle Bend Phase 5

Construction start-up of phase 5 is planned for summer 2018. It will be completed over two seasons with a lot release planned for spring 2020.



City of Whitehorse for information on the concept plan, the retention and evaporation pond, zoning YESAB recommendations and greenspace for the Whistle Bend subdivision. The City of Whitehorse has initiated the planning and pre-design work for the Future Areas of Whistle Bend. The Future Areas Planning area includes the central core, the "fin," and the Ta'an Kwach'an parcel and surrounding area. The work will result in basic servicing design, lot layout for these areas, and future trail linkages. It also includes the planning of the town square located at the heart of the neighbourhood. The consultation and concept design work will take place in late spring/early summer this year.  

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